In this long journey called life
I never thought that I could ever see the light
It all started when you first touched my heart
Then I accepted you as the Lord and Savoir of mine
At first every thing seems wasn’t fine
Each step that I take seems
Becoming harder and harder from time to time
But because of your promise
That you will never leave me nor forsake me
I keep on trusting and keeping your words inside of me
I’m proud to have a friend like
A friend whose always been FAITHFUL and TRUE
Because of greatness all I can do is to trust and worship you
May all be the glory, honor and praise be with you…
I personaly wrote this poem...
I am a type who doesnt have a best friend.
I do have a lot of friends but not a best friend.
until the day that I have recieved him..
This poem is all about my best friend...
His none other than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...
His been my best friend who never leave me nor farsake me.
As what he has promised to me and to everyone...

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