My Love Story

My friend would always ask me.. "Nagka girlfriend ka na ba?"(have you ever had a girlfriend?) "Kailan ka ba magkaka girlfriend?" (When do you plan to have one?), And the only thing or the only answer that they could get from me is "Ayaw ko pa!"(I don't want it!). Then it has a follow up question "bakit (Why)?" and the answer would be "kasi ayaw ko pa" (because I don't want to have one). Aside from this quetions there are lot more like the following:

Have you ever been fell in love with somebody? Who's your church? What are the characteristics of a girl that you are looking for?

This are the almost everyday questions that I'm encountering. I don't know why but this questions has been part of my everyday life. Until one day I ask my self are you a human? are you normal? This people who ask you this kinds of questions has their own story of their lovelives. as I keep talking to my self alone. I end up on one conclution. I ones FALL IN LOVE but it's not yet the right time and I'm not yet prepared to have and enter this kind ofrelationship. as now I'm that someone out there is inspiring me and giving me the reason that to get affected of the peer preassure around me. I don't need tp have one just to be "IN" with them. I know that God is preparing the RIGHT woman for me because theres no such thing as "Perfect woman". I will meet her in the right time, right place and rigth circumstances. God is the author the one who is writingmy love story. And I knowing that he make it the most unique and most romantic love story of all time.


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