Father's Day soon..

It's father's day on sunday. And I can't stop thingking of my father. I came from a broken family. However compared with other broken families that cause by there father. Is that I can't and I don't even know hiw to hate my father. Though it is all because of his affair with another girls. Everytime that I hear the programs in T.V and radio about father. I want to cry but I can't. I miss my father so much though we see each other almost everyday. I miss the old times when he still go home. I miss the times that when he goes home he have something for us. I miss laugthers that we shared together with my mother and my younger sister. I not a vocal person when it comes to my emotions. most specially when it comes to my family. Thank GOD that now a days theres blog. where in I can write what ever I want. I can write what is in my mind and in my heart. Through this blog I can anly say that "I you PAPA" and "I love you". though he will not here it me personaly. I want to cry but I can't.. How I wish ans I pray that we could bring back the past days.. the past years.. or if God's will it would be better it we could start once again...

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