Great deal!

I'm very happy and thankful for the life of this guy. He is Kevin. He really made an effort to help the Tambourine dancers like me. This is a sample of the video that he created. He upload dance patters though videos on Youtube. This is a really great help for worshipers and servants like me. Though this I know that he can fullfill him goal to encourage more worshipers and dedicate their lives and talents to the LORD.

Please take some time to read this. This is the content of the "about me" part of his Youtuve acoount.

About Me: This account is dedicated to our Father whom we only praise and worship..
most of the videos here are patterns or steps using different worship tools which can be used to praise God. Some of the patterns in this account are derivations from Aunty Margrate Yap's tambourine manuals. Most patterns here are from God and we are just the instruments used to praise Him.

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