A Journey Home

This is a movie that was produced by our mother church (Jubilee Evangelical Church). The story is all about a father who was asking for forgiveness from his children and a son who can't forgive his father.This is a very practical movie. The story of the movie is typical yet its should be watched. I watch this movie after the typhoon Undoy, after the great flood. The weather is not that good yet i still mange to watched the movie. When I was in the movie house with my friend we both notice that the movie is a little bit predictable. you might find yourself predicting what will on the next scene. yet as i have said earlier you should watch it. I can really explain the difference of this movie to other typical comedy-drama movies. What can I only suggest is simply watch it. I hope that they can produce DVD copies so that I could have my own copy. This is a very inspiring movie that every family should watch. The cast on this film were Soliman Cruz, Joem Bascon, John Manalo, Athena Tibi, Trisha Canete and Toni Gonzaga (Whose one of the reason why I'm eager to watched the movie.

Please watch the movie and see it by yourself!



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