Density found in upper left lobe?

Because of the flood I need to have my x-ray again. Isa kasi ito sa lumubog ng nagbaha dahil sa bagyong undoy. This afternoon nakuha ko ang result with the comparison to my first x-ray. This is the third time na nagpax-ray ako for just 2 month. Sa pangalawang x-ray which is naanod na ng baha, it says there that I'm normal but on the latest result that I got. The resul is just the same of the first x-ray. According to the result they found a density in my upper left lobe and it's advising me to have this what they called Apicolordotic view for them to find out the cause of that density. Masyado ng technical when it come to scientific terms that why hindi ko na siya masyadong maintindihan. Sabi pa ng doctor last time sa akin kailangan daw na makapagx-ray ako upang makumpirma kung tama ba ang result because it could be result to TB.
People though that I happy and everything is going well. Akala nila wala akong problema tulad ng madalas mangyari. But the truth is behind my smiles, behind the laughters there is this fear inside of me. I don't to be pessimistic but what if.. ayoko ng ituloy.
I know that my God will never abandon me. He knows what I need more than anybody. He is the real source of my joy and my strength. My life is all in His hands and I will live according to what he really wants to happen to me. HE knows my future and He knows everything about me.


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onlinealert said…
hi, ed! how are you? it's been too long since i last saw you. hope everything is ok with you, esp. with your health. keep safe. God bless! :)