My Thoughts about the movie New Moon

I've just watch the movie of the series Twilight Saga. I sent a SMS to my friend Shella this morning to accompany me to watch this movie. She didn't disappoint me. She automatically say yes to my message. We went to SM city North EDSA. When we went to the movie house to buy tickets there was a long line. Most of the people at the cinema want's to watch New Moon. After the very long line we finally got our ticket. We enter cinema 5 and the movie will start at 4:00pm. 

Honestly, I was disappointed with this movie. I just have so much expectation. I guess for normal teenagers who haven't read the book they would enjoy it but not the adults nor the critical readers. From the opening scene, I wanted - expected something to grab me but it fell flat. The pace was so slow, the dialogue just fell flat as well. The entire movie is filled up with soppy, sugary-sweet lines that absolutely no-one would ever say in real life, It lacks emotion. It may be based on the book but the good once were also omitted, The boredom is so big and intensive that you'll find yourself closing your eyes and wishing it would end or counting your teeth with your tongue.

The trio is Kristen Stewart as the smitten teen, Robert Pattinson as the pale vampire & Tayler Lautner as the tanned hunky one. The entire cast tries there best to be convincing, none really succeed. 
The acting of the characters is stiff at best and they lack expressive emotions or any signs of character development so not much really happens in New Moon. Screenplay is shallow and rushed, dialogue is dull and boring and the overall execution of the movie is just flat and unexciting.

The special effects are not as bad, the make up looks half decent now and the films have a bigger budget. 

One thing I like is the music. It gives this kind of a serene Indeed feel that I kind of like. I also like the antagonist the Volturi. Jamie Campbell Bower, Michael Sheen, and Dakota Fanning nailed their roles.

If I will rate this movie from 1 to 10, I'll give it a 4.

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