Batch 84 Christmas Party

       Soon it's Christmas and Christmas party is everywhere. In the office aside from the company's Christmas Party /Year End Party which I and my batchmates will be unable to go due to our shift. Because of that we decided to have our batch Christmas party. The original plan was we will have our exchange gift on the Christmas eve then it was changed to December 18 2009 (friday), after shift.  So yesterday after our shift we went to venue of the party. It was a Morning Party because our shift ends at 7:00 am. Tim was very busy during that days this is because he was the cheft/cook. No need to ask why. It is simply because he is good cook period. He cooked fried chicken, grilled liempo, grill tuna belly, insaladang Talong and fried Hito. Aside from the food that he cooked, Paul's wife also cooked baked Tahong. The food that they cooked was really great. After the breakfast, after that we tasted those food we had our exchanged gift. Marlon was my Ninong. I am very happy with the gift that he gave. He gave me a scrap book that was one of my wish list. Then I gave my gift to my Monita which is Ivy. I was a lilte bit un happy with the gift that I gave her. Because that was not the gift that she really have to have. She wants a Mickey mouse bag from dakki. But unfortunately the bag was out of stock. The day before our Christmas party after our shift I went to two branches of Dakki just to find that bag. But then they told me that the bad that I was looking for was already out of stock. So I just decide to give her a Thumbler. I'm gl;ad that she liked it. Here are some of the photos that Tim, Paul and I took during our Christmas party. I only have few but I promise to post the other photos once they were uploaded.

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