Jaypee's Birthday

          November 14 2009, It's Jaypee's Birthday. One of my friends. Wilmer, the girl in a sponge bob shirt texted me  if I want to go to Jaypee's house to celebrate his birth day. During that time I was in a seminar but I'm not hesitant to say yes thought I was really tired. For some weird reasons in this kind of occasions my besty and I also thought of the same thing. The seminar ended at 5:00pm. Right after the seminar I was on a rush. I went to the grocery first to buy some stuff. My Besty's, Shella and Wilmer were waiting for me on our meeting place. We just arrived to Jaypee's house at the right time. He prepared some food for us. Then they had "videoke". We also met some of our good friends there on there area. Like Arnel, Ayie, lambert, Jaff and more. Thank God for Jaypee's life. I praise Him that He gave us such a wonderful friend like him.

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