MJCF Christmas Party 2009

     Today we have celebrated our Christmas Party for this year. As usual it happened after our Sunday Worship Service. Ptr. Nimrod Tica was our speaker on the said day. Once again he remind us not to worry about crisis specially this season. He remind us again about the name Emmanuel, which means God is with us. God is with us so should not worry about things. Even about tomorrow. The Lord is with us and He will never leave us nor forsake us. he always guide us in everything that we do and wherever we are.

      The second part of the worship service is the Christmas party. This year Christmas party is different from the previous one. We had a Caroling competition which composed of six groups. And each of these groups where composed of different ages. Youth, women, men and adults. Evert exert all their effort to practice and to prepare for the competition. it's nice to see that a lot of member participated on the said event. Everyone give time to practice after every worship service. Some extend their practices during their free time. They also prepared for their costumes. Some spend a lot to make the event more colorful. Every one felt the compitition and at the same time the Fun and the joy of the unity as a Church. The competition was very tight. Our judges had a very hard time choosing the campion for the competition. The panel of judges were composed of Sis. Ruby Lim, Bro Joseph Ting and Bro. Joe Esparagoza.

    Aside from the competition Ate Mabel also prepared some games. Like the tounge twister "Jubilee, Jolibee". Jubilee came from the name of our church which is Malabon Jubilee Christian Fellowhip and the Jolibee is a well know fast food chain in the Philipines. The contestant have to say "Jubilee. Jolibee" for five time and as fast as they canApril and Cherilyn proceed to the championship round. To make the game harder we added some word on the Tongue twister. Aside from "Jubilee and Jolibee". They have to say "Bumili si Julie ng jolibee na taga Jubilee". They have to repeat it for five times without error. At the end of the game we ended up with a tigh from these two young ladies. Aside from the tounge twister we also played The Price is Right. As usual Ate Mabel and hosted the said event though I'm not really that prepared because this is just on the spot.


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