In My Life (2009 film)

      Shirley Templo (Santos-Recto) is a ruthless woman. Many people deal with her strong attitude only for fear of her cold stare, or her outlash. She works as a librarian in a school, and lives in a compound that is owned by her ex-husband, Benito Salvacion. Many of the Salvacion family members that live near the compound, even including her eldest daughter, Dang, plead with her to sell it so they can make a profit, and she can move to a more suitable living area. Hard-headed as she is, Shirley refuses and feels betrayed by her two daughters, Dang and Cherry, for even siding with their father who left them nearly fifteen years ago. Even more upset, she finds out that Dang will want to move out of the Philippines to Australia. Leaving her alone in the Philippines since all her children moved out, Shirley decides to move to New York City with her youngest and only son, Mark Salvacion (Manzano). Mark is unaware, however, that this supposed vacation of his mother is actually a permanent visit.

     Upon her arrival to the States, Shirley is picked up at the airport by Noel Villanueva (Cruz). Thinking he was only hired help, she rudely offers him payment for his services, but he declines. As she walks around the apartment, she notices pictures of Mark and Noel being affectionate toward each other. She then realizes that Noel is, in fact, Mark's new boyfriend. Although she was aware of Mark's homosexuality since his high school years, she gives Noel plenty of trouble and hard times. The story reflects how Shirley changes her attitudes and views from two men that become a big part of her life, and how she accepts the reality that has been presented to her. Unfortunately, unforseen tragedies occur, and a rift between Shirley and Noel arise. But as she understands Mark's reasons for having her be around Noel all this time, she resolves her issues with him and soon embraces him as a member of her family.

Main cast

* Vilma Santos-Recto as Shirley Templo
* Luis Manzano as Mark Salvacion, Shirley's son.
* John Lloyd Cruz as Noel Villanueva, Mark's lover.

Supporting cast

* Vice Ganda as Hillary
* Nikki Valdez as Mia
* Dimples Romana as Dang Salvacion
* Rafael Rosell as Vince
* Tirso Cruz III as Benito Salvacion
* Paw Diaz as Cherry Salvacion

        If we will talk about religion I can say that there are some part of this film that are against my faith and from what I believe. However I can say that this movie is awesomely good. We cannot hide these kind of things because they do happens in real life. I really enjoy watching this movie. In fact, there are some part of the movie that I can't stop myself from crying. I no wonder why this movie was a box office. Aside from the great actors and actresses who been part of the movie, the story itself stands out.

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