3 occasions in 1 day

       Today we are celebrating three wonderful occasions. Chinese New Year, Valentines day and most of all the 13th year anniversary of our Church. because of that that also means that this is a very busy day for me. After coming from work, I just had a spicy beef noodles for my breakfast then I went straight to the church to teach Sunday school. There no time to take a nap. After teaching, the worship service started. After that I supposedly have to go home to have some lunch. Unfortunately I don't have time to go back home so I just stayed in the church then just have some siopao. We need to keep going because we had events in the afternoon. We had a post valentines fellowship. This fellowship was a bit stressful for me. Admittedly were not that prepared for this event. We had some games and a dating game. Though there are some problem occurred but still thank God because everyone seems to have fun. Ptr. Sonny is the one who shared the word of God for this afternoon. He share something that is related to our theme "Saving your first kiss". The fellowship exceeded that planned time. We were overtime for almost 45 min.

    After the fun and tiring youth fellowship. People started to increase this is for our last event for the day. Which is the film showing. As part of our 13th anniversary the church had a free film showing. The film is entitled "A Journey Home". A Journey Home is a movie produced by Jubilee Evangelical Church Youth for Christ 2009 (Jubilee Evangelical Church id the mother Church of Malabon Jubilee Christian Fellowship) .It shows the reality of forgiveness as the choice for healing brokenness in the home.

     After this tiring day it's yet done. Our friends from Mandaluyong came to join in our fellowship. We decided to stay for more time so we can have fellowship with each other. before they went home we had some dinner first in a fast food. This is such a fun and wonderful day that O should be thankful of.

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