BENCH/ UNCUT 2010 : A Bold Look at the Future

I slept early today and woke up early as well. I was so excited to watch the 2010 Bench fashion show UNCUT. This is first time to watch this popular fashion show and this is also my first time to enter Araneta Coliseum. I asked my sister to wake me up at 4:00 pm but because of my excitement I woke up earlier than that. I ate my dinner at 4:30, then took a shower and prepare my things. Thought I'll be watching the show I still have work after that so I need to prepare my things. I arrive at the araneta coliseum around 5:48pm then I was so surprise when I saw that very long line of people. On the general admission are there's not just one but two long lines. Around 6:20 the line started moving and the people started entering the coliseum. At 6:30 i finally had taken my seat. According to the poster the show will start at 7:00 pm but when I take a look at my watch it already pass seven I didn't notice the time since I was so excited at the same time I was enjoying watching the light that were flashing on the entire stage. It was 7:30 in the evening and still the show didn't started yet at that time I felt a bit bored are the same time a bit worried that I might get late from work. I don't have a choice but to patiently wait. When the screen started flashing and the crowd started screaming my excitement came back. The show was fabulous but beside it there is still something in me that was not satisfied. I was searching for some of my favorite and popular celebrities when we talk about BENCH FASHION SHOW but they were not there. I was looking for Piolo Pascual, Alessadra de Rossi, Lucy Toress-Gomez, Richard Gomez and other more stars. I must say that thought this years fashion show was spectacular it wasn't the best compared with last year.

I've list down the top 10 celebrities that for me who stand out on that show. This are the following.

1. Jake cuenca -
2. Rafael Rosell
3. Wendell Ramos
4. Pokwang
5. Katrina Halili
6. Melisa "Melai" Cantiveros
7. Kim Chiu
8. Gerard Anderson
9. Iya Villania
10. Enchong Dee

There are other stars that really look awesome such as Vina Morales, Shaina Magdayao, Karyl Marquez, JR, Kris Bernal. Zanjo Marudo, Aljur Abrenica and more. but my top ten choices were those people I think did stand out on the show and this is just base on my own opinion. All in all I can that the entire show was fabulous.

Here are the lists of segments with featured celebrities:

Pinoy Lab

-Dingdong Dantes
-Pinoy Big Brother Double Up's Sam Pinto and Tom Rodriguez
-Are You The Next Big Star?'s Alex Castro

-Joseph Marco
-Rodjun Cruz
-Kris Bernal
-John Prats
-Sam Concepcion
-Coco Martin
-Diether Ocampo

Far East

-China's top male model Ji Huan Bo
-Ron Morales
-John James Uy
-Jon Avila
-John Hall
-Andrew Wolff
-Christian Bautista
-StarStruck graduates Paulo Avelino, Steven Silva, Sarah Lahbati, Enzo Pineda, Diva Montelaba and Rocco Nacino
-Survivor Philippines castaways Shaun Rodriguez and Suzuki Sadatsugu
-AJ Dee
-Robi Domingo
-David Chua
-Iwa Moto
-Iya Villania
-Zanjoe Marudo


-Katrina Halili
-Carl Guevarra
-Bejamin Tang
-Rafael Rosell and Andrew Wolff
-Wowowee Girls RR Enriquez, Saicy Aguila and April "Congratulations" Gustilo
-Wendell Ramos
-Carl Abellana
-Enchong Dee


-Margaret Wilson
-Railey Valeroso
-Victor Aliwalas
-Thou Reyes
-Nico Antonio
-PBB Double Up Big 5 housemates: Paul Jake Castillo, Johan Santos, Tibo Jumalon, and the funny pair of Jason Francisco and Melai Cantiveros
-Aljur Abrenica


-Gerald Anderson
-Georgina Wilson
-Enchong Dee
-Jon Avila
-Rafael Rosell
-Andrew Wolff
-JC De Vera
-Are You The Next Big Star? winners Frencheska Farr and Geoff Taylor
-StarStruck's Prince Stefan and Dex Quindoza
-Ejay Falcon
-Rayver Cruz
-Shaina Magdayao

The finale of Bench Uncut Fashion Show was the exposure of Jake Cuenca‘s butt that makes the crowd crazy.

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