Andres de Saya

Just a thought: We are rich only if we control our wealth. If our wealth controls us, we are poor. – M. K. Soni

MANILA, Philippines -- Cesar, El Planchador: The closest actor Cesar Montano could be to being an Andres de Saya in real life is when he and his wife, Sunshine Cruz, would travel abroad. The award-winning actor-director says it is during these trips that he gets to practice his skill at ironing clothes.   "I'm the official planchador of the family," Montano laughed during the media launch of his new comedy series on GMA, "Andres de Saya." He would start by teaching his wife how to properly iron clothes, but would always end up doing the chore himself. "I notice that I have been teaching her this for so many times already. I think she just really wants me to do the task myself, as usual," he joked. Montano, a devoted family man, abides by the Biblical saying that a man should love his wife, but she has to submit to her husband.  So much for being an under-the-saya (henpecked) in real life. Sitcom returning: With GMA Network flashing the green light on "Andres de Saya" starting May 30 on primetime, is it safe to say that the sitcom is making a comeback on TV after having been sidelined in the backburner by the more popular teleserye?

Channel executive Marivin Arayata says GMA's programming works around a cycle, trying out certain formula from time to time. While drama serials are undoubtedly the queen of weekday primetime, comedies usually stand a good chance on weekends. GMA is currently airing "Show Me Da Manny" and the horror-comedy series "Spooky Nights" on Sundays. A while back, the station ran another comedy serial, "Kaya ng Powers," also on weekends.  Arayata says much is expected of the TV version of "Andres de Saya," a komiks novel by Carlo Caparas which launched at least two movies starring Vic Vargas and Gloria Diaz in the late '70s. Cesar and Iza Calzado play their present incarnations. The show provides a fitting follow-up to Iza's comic performance in "I Heart You, Pare," where she plays a transvestite.

At the interview, Iza said she had wished that her first partnership with Cesar would have been a dramatic movie, noting that years back, they would have been cast together in another project. Iza also said she wouldn't mind getting kissed by Cesar on the series, even as she warned, "Huwag lang every week." "Andres de Saya," the tele-series, works around the premise, "Basta ander de saya, sweet lover."

TV news: As a father, Zoren Legaspi is only being practical when he says he'll allow his twin children to work in show business when they're of age, or have shown considerable talent. Work in other fields, the actor said, are hard to come by. He figures that his children's built-in connection to the industry can facilitate their smooth entry into the related fields of TV, movies, media, and advertising. Zoren spoke to media at a "Nita Negrita" event announcing the teleserye's last 14 episodes climaxing on June 3. "Nita Negrita" airs weekday afternoons after "Blusang Itim" on GMA.  "Blusang Itim," followed by "Nita Negrita." Both are as dark as dark can be. Get the drift?  In a scene shown recently on "Munting Heredera," six-year-old child actress Mona Louise Rey leaped into a six-foot well (not the wishing well variety) and lived to tell her story. Mona, who plays the title role, says she did the scene without a double, much to the nervousness of her director, Maryo de los Reyes. A cushion at the bottom of the well supported her fall, she said.

The young actress, a Grade 2 student at Southville School in Parañaque, says her mother gives her 1,000 pesos per taping day from her talent fee.  She saves this up but not knowing what to use it for when she has saved enough. Mona says that to be able to cry on cam, she thinks of her mother, suffering and then dying.

What a life!

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