Big Questions in life

Max Lucado takes on the big questions of life

What do you wonder about? What hows and whens and wheres and (especially) whys niggle at your mind and heart or keep you up at night?

In more than thirty years of ministry, Max Lucado has fielded a lot of questions, and he's pondered quite a few of his own.

Biggies about life and faith, heaven and hell. More practical—but just as important—dilemmas about getting along with others (including your family) or sorting out issues like war or global warming.

This book gathers Max's responses to the most often-asked questions—and they're vintage Lucado. Simple without being simplistic. Knowledgeable without being know-it-all. Direct but compassionate, honest and authoritative, and always deeply practical. Full of challenge and comfort.

Max Lucado doesn't pretend to give the final word on difficult issues. But question by question, he keeps you looking toward the One who is the ultimate Answer to all our hows and whens and wheres and whys.

Which, after all, is what life is really about.

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