Cathay Pacific flight makes emergency landing in Singapore

(CNN) -- Panicking passengers turned to prayer as a Cathay Pacific flight with one engine ablaze made an emergency landing in Singapore on Monday, witnesses said.
"We heard a series of loud bangs, then smelled fire, and the aircraft started shaking uncontrollably," a online commenter under the name of Augustus2002 said.
"The noise on board was incredible, we could not hear any of the announcements of the crew," he added.
CNN has not been able to confirm his account, but it matches a description from a Reuters photographer who was on the plane with his family.
The photographer, Beawiharta, told the news agency that his 15-year-old son spotted flames out the window on the twin-engine Airbus A330, which was on the way to Jakarta, Indonesia, but turned back after the engine problems began.
"Panicked, he then asked: 'Will we die? Will we die?' " the photographer recalled.
The atmosphere quickly changed to a "surprising calm," Augustus2002 wrote, as people began to pray.
"God, save our flight," they said, according to Beawiharta's account. "Give us your protection."
The plane landed safely, the airline said in a statement.
Flight CX715 with 136 passengers on board returned to Singapore on a flight to Jakarta, Indonesia, "following a stall warning" on engine No. 2.
"Fire services met the aircraft on arrival," a Cathay Pacific statement said. "The aircraft stopped on the taxiway and sparks from the No. 2 engine were reported. They were doused by fire extinguishers."
The airline said there were no injuries, and passengers will be accommodated on other flights.
Cathay Pacific and Rolls Royce, the maker of the engine, have launched an investigation into the incident, which has been reported to the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, the airline said.
It was the second time the airline has had problems with an Airbus A330 plane; last year, eight passengers aboard a Cathay Pacific plane were injured after an Airbus A330 with engine problems made an emergency landing in Hong Kong.
Cathay Pacific is based in Hong Kong.


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