Doctors back anti-smoking campaign

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) Tuesday called its members to support the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) campaign to strictly enforce smoking ban in public places in the metropolis, citing that more than 20 percent of heart attacks in Metro Manila can be attributed to second-hand smoke. Newly re-elected PMA president Oscar D. Tinio, in a message to its 70,000 members nationwide, reiterated his organization's advocacy for a Smoke Free Philippines which the PMA launched February this year. "We would like to congratulate MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino for demonstrating the political will required to enforce the smoking ban in public places across the National Capital Region." Tinio said. "Smoking kills! As physicians, it is our duty to inform the public of the clear and present danger of tobacco smoking against our health and lives" he added. "Second hand and even third hand tobacco smoke equally kills people" Tinio said, citing a study on Metro Manila's 12 million inhabitants showing that more than twenty per cent of heart attacks in Metro Manila can be attributed to second hand smoke. The study was done by the World Lung Foundation (WLF) and the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. He may enjoy some perks as the country's leader but President Aquino is not exempted from the smoking ban in public places.


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