Lea Salonga willing to be an RH bill ambassador

MANILA, Philippines – Lea Salonga will most likely accept the role of an official Reproductive Health (RH) bill ambassador should it be offered to her by the Palace.

“… if they get me as one of the ambassadors — because I am not obviously the only one who believes in this thing — but if there's a band of like-minded individuals who feel this strongly about this issue, then I would absolutely agree,” Salonga was quoted in an interview published on Push.com.ph on May 3, in response to the question would she accept the role of a spokesperson for the RH bill should it be offered by Malacañang.

The multi-awarded international theater actress has been consistent and very vocal in expressing her support for the controversial RH bill.

“I know what Malacañang's stand is, I know what the president's stand is and I think he has made that very clear,” she said, adding that she would be doing it for free “since it’s something that you do for your country, it’s not something you do for a paycheck.”

“My stand is that I am for it. I’ve been consistently supporting it,” Salonga reiterated. However, she points out that she is aware of the arguments from the pro-life and pro-RH bill supporters.

“… I can understand where everybody's coming from as far as what their belief system is. Basically, you have to go with what your conscience tells you and you would have to know what is right for you. Without trampling upon somebody else's belief,” the article quoted her.

More, Salonga expressed that it's the government's responsibility to not only provide the contraceptives and other related services, but to also inform its citizens on all birth control methods as options, as well as their respective proper use so that the couples could "make an educated decision."

The actress also said, “Couples or every citizen of age needs to be informed about this stuff,”  though, according to her, it doesn’t mean birth control should also be taught to minors.

“Obviously you will not teach a nine-year-old how to put a condom up a banana. Anybody who says that is not thinking straight,” she opined.

SOURCE : http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/316656/lea-willing-be-rh-bill-ambassador

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