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OMF Lit Coupon Holders: While you're waiting for the ROB US sale to start, you can still get 20% off any OMF Lit Family title from May 1-15. We also have our Super Coupon that can get you 25% off any OMF Lit Book. Just present your coupon* at any OMF Lit Bookshop. And if you don't have the coupons yet, ask our friendly Bookshop staff how you can get one!


Here are some recommended Family and imported titles that you can add to your book collection!





The Family You've Always Wanted

By Gary Chapman

SRP: P225    With Coupon: P180



Learn the five timeless characteristics that create a healthy family environment, including an attitude of service, intimacy between husband and wife, and more. Includes useful advice and tips for families.
With tools for hands-on assessments and discussion guides.






How to Win Your Child's Heart

by Dr. Ruth C. Chang

SRP: P150    With Coupon: P120


Compact and full of practical insight, this book helps you gain the confidence you need to be the best parent you can be. Dr. Ruth C. Chang discusses different parenting styles to help you discover which works best for you. Each chapter ends with a suggested project to help hone your parenting skills.






Embracing God's Purpose for My Special Child

By Malu Tiongson Ortiz

SRP: P195    With Coupon: P156


Author Malu Ortiz shares her journey as mother to her Down syndrome child Clarissa. Malu talks openly about her fears and difficulties, and helps others learn from her experience. The book is enriched with testimonies from other parents of special children, plus useful resources and practical advice.






Raising Godly Kids

By Harold J. Sala

SRP: P175    With Coupon: P140


Fifty-two guidelines to help parents make a difference in the lives of their children by giving the two greatest gifts: the gift of faith and the gift of themselves.











Becoming Your Husband's Best Friend

By Lisa and David Frisbie

SRP: P550    With Coupon: P412.50


Would you like to help your husband become more attentive, loving, and helpful around the house? Do you long for a new level of partnership and fun in your marriage? You can make a tremendous difference in your relationship all by yourself by inviting God to begin the change in you.







Hard to Believe

By John McArthur

SRP: P475    With Coupon: P356.25


In contrast to the superficiality of much modern Christian teaching, Dr. John MacArthur serves up the unvarnished truth of what Christ taught and lived. In simple, compelling terms, he spells out what is required of those who would follow Him. Going beyond Jesus' life to include the crucifixion and resurrection, MacArthur shows readers that Jesus modeled the commitment and loving obedience He requires of us by making the ultimate sacrifice for humankind.





Crossroads: Navigating Your Calling and Career

By Colin Creel

SRP: P550    With Coupon: P412.50


Graduating college. Landing that first job. Considering a job change or even a career change. When we find ourselves at such crossroads, it is important to stop and reflect before taking the next step. In Crossroads, author Colin Creel seeks to navigate the murky waters of career and calling by looking at the biblical view of calling, recognizing that each of us is here for a reason, and offering practical guidelines on seizing career opportunities.







Love, Sex and Lasting Relationships

By Chip Ingram

SRP: P575    With Coupon: P431.25


God wants us to have a lasting relationship and great sex-the results of a deep, meaningful love that is rooted in commitment. In Love, Sex and Lasting Relationships, Chip Ingram helps us walk a path to true love that is more fulfilling that we ever imagined. So whether you're single or married, happy or searching for hope, your love life can blossom. By following God's prescription, you can create enduring love, sex, and relationships.




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