PNoy's satisfaction rating drops by 18%

MANILA, Philippines — Public satisfaction with the Aquino administration’s overall performance has dropped by 18 perentage points in the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey results.
SWS said the new rating of the Aquino government is lower by 18 points from the “very good” +64 recorded in the September and November, 2010, surveys.
The nationwide SWS-Business World survey conducted among 1,200 respondents last March 4-7 found 65 percent of respondents were satisfied with the national government’s performance, while 18 percent were dissatisfied, with a net rating of “good” +46.
A survey earlier released by SWS also showed a 13-point drop in President Benigno S. Aquino III’s satisfaction rating from “very good” +64 in November to “good” +51 last March.
The SWS terminologies are as follow: +70 and above, excellent; +50 to +69, very good; +30 to +49, good; +10 to +29, moderate; +9 to -9, neutral; -10 to -29, poor; -30 to -49, bad; -50 to -69, very bad; -70 and below, execrable.
However, it said the latest score of the barely one-year-old Aquino administration is still higher than the ratings recorded by the four administrations before President Aquino.
As compared to the November, 2010, survey, satisfaction ratings with the present administration in geographical areas were “very good” in Metro Manila (from +49 to +50) and Visayas (from +59 to +51).
The national government’s ratings in Mindanao (from +67 to +47) and Visayas (from +69 to +42) also dropped by 20 and 27 points, respectively. With regard to satisfaction among socio-economic classes, the Aquino administration had the highest decline among those in the upper-to-middle classes ABC from “very good” +62 to “moderate” +19.
Its satisfaction rating also dropped among those in the class D or masa from “very good” +64 to “good” +46.
The Aquino administration’s rating also dipped among the poorest Class E from +65 to +50, but remained “very good.”
SWS also asked the respondents on how the Aquino government addresses 15 specific issues.
From the 15 issues, the present administration scored “good” on seven, “moderate” on six, and “neutral” on two of the topics mentioned.
The government scored “good” net ratings on the issues of helping the poor (+47), foreign relations (+44), setting a good moral example (also +44), disaster preparedness (+43), reconciliation with both Muslim and communist (+32 and +31, respectively) and housing programs for the poor (+30).
Meanwhile, “moderate” satisfaction ratings were recorded as to how the government fights terrorism (+29), suppresses private armies in Mindanao (+24), decides quickly on important problems (+23), acts according to what the people want (+23), fights crimes (+20) and eradicates graft and corruption (+14).
“Neutral” satisfaction ratings were recorded on the issues of ensuring no hunger (+5) and fighting inflation (net zero).


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