Binay gives Aquino a rating of 9 for first-year performance

MANILA, Philippines—Vice President Jejomar Binay gave President Benigno Aquino on Tuesday a grade of "9 out of 10," at the same time describing as "unfair" efforts to compare his high public approval rating to the declining one of the Chief Executive.

"The President is very qualified for his position. If you ask me how I am going to rate him, I'll give him 9 out of 10.  Nine because nobody's perfect in his job," Binay said in a statement.

The Vice President said Aquino's reputation as public official remained "unblemished" even after a year.

"You can't pinpoint him in any graft and corruption case.  It's a come-on for foreign investors.  Isn't it that one of our problems is graft and corruption?" he added.

Binay also said comparisons of their survey ratings were unfair to Aquino, adding, "I am a creation of the President. I am a part of his team."

"I don't want to compare myself with the President because we're not comparing apple to apple.  The President has a different set of responsibilities; I have my own," Binay said.

Based on the results of a recent Pulse Asia survey, the Vice President garnered a trust rating of 81 percent. The poll, which was conducted from May 21 to June 4, also showed that Binay garnered the highest approval rating of 83 percent.  President Aquino's public approval and trust ratings were at 71 percent.

"My performance began with the wisdom and confidence of the President," Binay said, noting that Aquino designated to him positions where he could serve the people well.

The President assigned Binay to chair the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council as well the Presidential Anti-Illegal Recruitment Task Forces.  Binay is also the concurrent presidential adviser on Overseas Filipino Workers affairs.


Personal Note : Very ell said by VP Binay. Our country needs this kind of people and officials. People who are thinking of themselves alone but thinking fro the better of the people. These are the type people that other officials should be following. If i would rate my trust with Pnoy and VP Binay I would give them a 9 out 10.

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