If you are a Filipino, I'm sure that you will react on this....

People from an island located in southeast asia (not east asia) called philippines.

living here for more than 5 years..
i find that most filipinos are

1. lazy
(if you wanna get something done in this country
you gotta wait at least 2 weeks.. when you can get it
done in 3 days in the states.. -filipinos, come on it's
true.. if you've never gone out of your country
well too bad)

2. filipinos think all the foreigners are rich

3. their language sounds annoying..
(tagal tagal mahal ko kang yang kayo nang)

4. filipino women are desperate to marry foreigners..
because the filipino men are too poor
they wanna get out of poverty through marrying
a rich foreigner (usually age of 60+ you can see a lot
of filipino young woman& white old grandpa couples
in the philippines)

5. filipinos think that the philippines is better than
indonesia or malaysia or other neighboring countries of
southeast asia when they're all equally poor

6. they are like little kids. they just wanna hve fun
that's why their country's so poor

7. They think UP, which is apparently… the best
university in the philippines .. is one of the
top universities of the world. when in fact, its
rank is so low that its name is no where to be found
on the booklet of top 500 universities in the world
(a supplement to Time in 2002)

5' is tall in this country.

9. they are noisy.
their babbling mouths never shut up.

10. filipinos are desperate american wanna bes
and they're such copy cats they must copy everything
from the states like their tv shows and they wanna
have their children born in the states so that
they can be american citizens

11. their taglish or watever it's called,
which is mixture of their language called tagalog
and english, is ANNOYING
don't fuck our language up why do you must copy
everything from us just speak your damn language
don't mix it with ours and make it sound hella
fucking irritating and annoying

12. their diet is meat and rice

KFC here sucks they sell fried chickens with rice what the hell

SOURCE : http://www.pinoytumblr.com/post/527966035/urbandictionary-coms-definition-of-filipino

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