The Harmful Effects of Masturbation on Men

Earlier masturbation used to be a taboo however these days everything is discussion openly and many people don’t find it uncomfortable to discuss their masturbation habits. These days when we go to the health section of the books stores we can find numerous books on masturbation. You may find it strange but you would find lesser books on sex in comparison to the number of books you would find on masturbation. Most of the men love masturbation because of the feeling of sexual pleasure it is capable of providing.
It has been noticed that teenagers masturbate almost every day and the process takes them just a few minutes. Although the adults discuss masturbation very free yet the teenagers tend to get embarrassed even today. Teenagers who are brought up in a very conservative environment which is very strict tend to develop an addiction towards masturbation as they grow into mature adults.
Usually the teenagers who grow up masturbating too frequently happen to have very dissatisfied married lives because they are addicted with their own penis to such an extent that the women never seem to capture their attention and the result is obviously a divorce or at least a very unhappy married life.
When men get addicted to masturbation the frequency of masturbation increases and this has extreme effects on their health and overall fitness. When men masturbate the usually do so occasionally to release the built up sperms and that is understandable. But no women would like her husband to be playing with his own penis and being obsessed with it.
Men who masturbation too often tend to be very insensitive to what the women feels during sex because they are very self-obsessed with their penis and that makes the focus solely on self-gratification.
Frequent masturbation leads to the various diseases which are caused due to the retention of bacteria around the penis. Men need to be extra cautious of cleanliness of their penis and the surrounding area if they wish to lead a healthy life. Masturbation is a healthy practice if done in moderation because masturbation is needed at times for the men to be able to release their build sperm which is a result of a natural process. So when we go to see masturbation is not a bad practice in itself however the men who get addicted to masturbation make it an evil which results in health diseases and illness of all kinds.

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