It all started with a status update...

A friend of mine posted a status update on her Facebook saying "A want to be a pastor's wife soon". Then the usually thing happened, it brought controversy in our group of friends. He is only 18 years old so how come she is thinking of these things. Everyone sort of teasing her because of this. After our 40 days of Love training last Thursday, I talked to her about this and I amazed how sure she was about it. When I asked her if she is serious about it, she said yes. She even added that she is really dreaming to be a Pastor's wife just like Ate Mabel (the wife of our church Pastor). After that conversation it left a question in my heart. How come that this young woman already have that dream or should I say vision? That conversation gave us an Idea. I and Rachel decided to created a letter, a vow for our future partners. I will post the vows on the next entries. While I'm trying to create my vow I was smiling and thinking if it would really happened. There were times when I dreamed my own wedding but I never dreamed of having my own family. I didn't even set a marrying age for myself. Just like what I always tell my friends, If it's God's will for me to have a wife and my own family it will just come in the right time and in the right moment. But if it's God's will for me to stay single forever so I could serve Him full time then be it. One thing I'm sure for now that God is writing the greatest loves story ever weather there's a wife or none in my life. His Love alone is sufficient for me.

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