Finding a "long lost friend"

After our 40 days of Love training last week Rachel and I went to the prayer room so I could help her do the power point presentation.Right at that moment we were thinking about this "long lost friend". We call her Sheena. How is she? Where is she? What was she been doing? those are just some the questions that we had on our mind. As far as i have remember it's been two years since the last time that I saw her. I log on to facebook and I received a message that made me smile. It was a message. A message from our "long lost friend".

I was really touch and I can't explain the happiness and the excitement that I felt. By that time, all that I have said was "I finally found you!". Rachel can't even believed my reaction. She thought that I was crazy.May be yeas, I might be crazy. I'm just overwhelmed with the excitement and the joy that I felt. I just can't explain the feeling of finding your ald friend who you know that your friendship is genuine. I can say that I only have FEW friends, as in REAL friends whom I can trust and I could confide on.

This might sound cheesy but this was my response to her :

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