Just another tiring day...

Finally it's my end shift. Today I ended up having 26 inbound calls and additional callback. I survived again another tiring day. but thanks god I only have one more shift later it's finally my rest day.Oh Lord one more shift and I can now then rest for two days. For some weird reasons I'm not really motivated to come to work for this week. I feel so tired and tardy. I want to take a vacation in a very far way play. A place where i can meditate and think of a lot of things. I wish I could go a place where the only noise that I could here is the sound of silence and the hymn of birds. I want to go to a place that is surrounded by green forest yet near the sea. I want to hear the peaceful sound of the waves of the ocean and feel the calmness of the wind. I want to be in a place where I can scream all I want. i want to go to a place where no one know me. Where I cry without no seeing or even noticing it. I want to go to a place where i am free to do whatever I want to do. Until the time that I get tired and  just decide take a sleep nap. I know that these are all dream but I still have hope that some day it will happen...
Goodbye! Time to go home.

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