Officially Out!

Today I'm officially out of Aegis PeopleSupport. It's has been two years of fun, laughter, stress, irate callers, Sup calls and more. My life with APS was never perfect yet was full of learning and great things.Saying goodbye to those people who have been part of your daily life for a very long time is never easy. Yet everything needs to come to an end. Every goodbyes and farewell is painful and sometimes regrets. However it's never the end. Just like the proverbs says "When a door closes, windows open." There is always room for improvement and new experiences to learn. I will sure miss APS. I will miss the people, the ambiance, the production floor and the daily routines.
This is the time to thank all the people who made my stay with APS worth while. These are the people who help me grow as an employee and as a human being. I'm so grateful to all the supervisors that I had. To Miss. Gail, Sup. Ace, Miss. Belle, Miss Van, Sup. Demet and Sup. Ian thank you for all motivation and for helping me to do my job well. To my trainers, Jinggay and Pong,. To all the friends that I had at work weather they are still with APS or not (I don't wanna mention name because I might just forgot one). Specially to Web Tools Teams.
I don't to make this post any longer since I don't want to be emotional. I just wish the best for all of us.
I will always be proud that I once been with APS

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