Overnight Prayer meeting...

Today I am back in my with my regular life or should I say a normal life. A life were I can say that I am free to do whatever I want. A life were I have more time to serve the Lord.

Today for the very first time I was able to join our Sports fellowship with bro. William. I can attend fellowships without worrying that I still need to report for work. I can really enjoy the fellowship with my friends. After our devotion and snack time we played dart game. As usual since this is not my sport I've lost on the game. I was the least out of six people. Where not able to finish the game since it rained. We have to end the game so that we could attend out overnight prayer meeting at Sis. Lorna and Bro. Ading house. We rode at Bro. William's car and he dropped us on the venue of our prayer meeting.

It rained and rained and because of that there were only few of us who were able to attend the said event. However we still praise God for the success of the event. Thought it rained it still didn't stop us from praying for the needs of our church. I was so blessed last night. Though everyone is tired and sleepy still we that God for the perseverance and strength that he gave us. 

That night I have realized a lot of things. There are things that I've lost but God replace them with more blessings. That night during our sharing time Sis. Mabel asked us, if we were able to describe God and the things that he has done in our lives in word what would it be? I just replied that word are not enough to define and describe the goodness, faithfulness and love of God for me. But if there is a word in the dictionary that I would use it would be - immeasurable. Because He is immeasurable. His goodness is infinite. His faithfulness is endless and His love is unlimited. He is the Gog that remains true through out all the ages and generation. He is everything and everything will be nothing without Him.

And today I was able to join the praise and worship practice. We really have difficulties with the song that were chosen but still thank God for His guidance, the strength and wisdom that everything just went fine.
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