You have no business having sex…

I read this from Lea Salonga’s Blog. This is true and I guess I have the same stand when it comes to sex. I highlighted the the points/beliefs that I agree. Pretty much all of them. :-)

if you cannot yet drive, vote, AND drink. You have to be able to do all 3.
if you still live with your parents.
if you can’t afford to buy contraception. If you can’t buy a rubber, you think you can afford a kid if that rubber breaks, fool???
if you think that one pill will protect you from an unexpected pregnancy. Oh man, how many young women have been fooled with this one…
if you’re stupid.
if you are unable to financially, morally, (and spiritually if may I add) or willingly take responsibility for a child, should that be the result of your 7 minutes in heaven. Or 5. Or 3 (ooh, if I was that girl, I’d be really, really angry).
if it’s only all about “getting off”. If a person is nothing but a plaything for you, just buy a blow-up doll and get off on that.
when you’re too drunk to retain control of your faculties.
if you’re in treatment for an STD (having the clap can’t be attractive).
if you have HIV and intend to use your body as a loaded gun (yes, it’s been known to happen). You have to always inform your partner if you have HIV, and always use protection whenever having sex.
… if you’re a man/woman of the cloth (if you’re Catholic).
if like that old woman who lived in a shoe, you have so many children you don’t know what to do. Seriously though, if you can support them all, then more power to you, but this isn’t always the case. My mom who was the 6th in a brood of 9 was, after the death of her father when she was only 4 years old, given away to someone that wasn’t even a relative. She was scarred for life. Imagine me giving away Nicole to a total stranger. No effing way, man.
if you don’t have a job.
if you’re still in high school.
if you can’t march into a pharmacy and buy a box of condoms. Can’t hold your head up high? Then you are nowhere near ready to have sex. No way.
with someone that isn’t your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend.
if you think that God will smite you and an army of angels will drag you to hell. Wait na lang until you’re married.
if you just want to impress your friends. Newsflash: having sex doesn’t make you any cooler, cuter, smarter, richer, or more attractive. Hold off until you’re mature enough to handle the consequences, and you’re with someone you really love and respect to the highest high.

I am not that conservative and I am no saying that I am perfect but when it come to the issue of sex, I would still say that I am NOT favor of premarital sex.  If your married you don’t have any right to be an adulterer whether you a man or woman.
Just to add my personal experience, my friends and some people around me always teased me that at my age still don’t have a girlfriend (well I’m talking about serious relationship). Who the hell in the world doesn’t want to have one? Of course I want as well! But engaging in a relationship is not easy a lot of things has to be considered some of them were just like the one posted above.

Conclusion : You have no business having sex if you are not mature enough to handle the consequences of doing so!

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