Youth Fellowship

Thank god because though I'm not able to go to church today still i was able to attend our youth fellowship. Praise God for the familiar faces that we haven't seen in a while but they were there a while ago. Thank God for the fun games and the spirit filled praise and worship.
Praise god also for the message that Junel delivered. It's about following Christ whatever it take. We hope and we pray we won't be like Peter during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ where
in he disown Christ three times. That as we Christians, we have to stand to what we believe and to our faith. We have to stand in the truth which is Jesus Christ.
I just remember the past Miss Universe pageant and the answer of Miss Shamsey Supsup to her question. She stand for her faith.She will not disown her religious belief (her faith in Christ) just for a lover.  Just for the record Shamsey Supsup is a Borrn Again Christian. I believe that we this is true. We have to stand for the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether it cost our resources, our time or even our lives. It's may sound so easy but it is NOT. We need to continually trust in the Lord for strength and wisdom. so that we will past the test of time.

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