Doing My Passion

I really had a great time today. I'm so blessed with everything that happened today. I woke up early and so excited to go to Church today. Thank you Lord for the opportunity that you have given me today to teach Sunday School after a very long time. I miss my the feeling. Thank you Lord because I was able to do my passion again at least for one day. I just can't explain that excitement and the joy that I felt.

When afternoon came we had our Youth fellowship. I had another chance to share the gospel again to the young people. Abby approached me last week and asked me if I could replace her as the devotion leader and so I did. After the fellowship we had another fellowship as I and the elder young people spent time at Pastor's house. Kuya Ruther, Joel, John john, April , Rachel and I accompanied Jonel until he reached McArthur highway. Where we rode a jeepney going back to Febias.

Lord Jesus you know how much joy I have in my heart. You know that this is my passion - to teach. To teach the word of God to people. Whether children, young people and adult. As long as I could help them to learn and to get to know you deeper.

Lord, you know how much passion I have for teaching. You know my dreams but I have lift it all up to you. I know that I have a better future in you. You know me even before I was in my mother's womb. You know everything that I am. You know my weakness and strengths. You know all my secrets. You know all my transgressions. Still you've chose to forgive me over and over gain. Thank you Lord, because even I loose everything I still I have everything for I have you. You are my all in all. Your love is more than enough. You complete me.

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