My Evening Prayer

Thank you dear Father for the wonderful day that I had. thank you for the wonderful morning. Thank you for the air that I breath. Thank you for your love and mercy day by day. Thank you for the lessons that I've learned from the Promise Keepers Conference. Help me and empower me Lord to live your legacy.

Thank you for the meeting that we had to night though we haven't finish due to conflict of opinion still I entrust to you every thing. I pray that you continue to comfort Jinky for I have offended her. Lord make her feel how I'm sorry for hurting her. For being harsh to her. You know my heart and you know that it wasn't personal but still what I've done was not right. I should have more delicate in the way I express my thoughts. Forgive me my Father.

Thank you for Jonel's generosity as we celebrate his special day. Thank you Lord for the ice cream. I pray that you continue to bless him. May he continue to know you more deeper in his life. Bless him with wisdom and may it reflect on his grades. Continue to hide him under the shadow of your wings so that he may be protected from any harm. Continue to use him mightily here in Malabon and anywhere in the world where you will be sending him.

As we I go to sleep tonight guide me and my family. Give me a good sleep that so I may renew my strength. So that I could give everything as I meet you in our worship service tomorrow.

Thank you my God, my Father and My Best friend.

You know how much I live you and I want all the people to know that.

May Your holy name be glorified from now and forever. Amen

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