My Evening Prayer

Thank you Lord for another chance that you have given me to be able to attend our prayer meeting and pray for the Church. Thank you for speaking to us through Abby. Thank you for her devotion that she shared with us. Thank you for reminding us that You are the God of the Impossible. Now that we have you everything is possible. Now that I have you I have. Now that I have you everything is Possible. One thing that you require is Faith in you. Teach me Oh Lord to trust in you. Continue to help to put all my Faith in you along and stop doubting. For what you have into your word that If I have faith I can move mountains. Help me to have that kind of Faith. Teach me not to worry about tomorrow but place all my anxiety all to you. Thank you Jesus for your promises. Promises that will definitely come through in your own time.

Guide us Oh Lord as we go to sleep to night.

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