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I just came from our Morning Devotion at Miel garments. I have learned a lot from our devotion today. Specially when Bro. Danny joined us. He shared the eight "un" of a Demon possessed man which is connected to our passage in Mark chapter 5. The eight "un" which is a characteristic of a demon possessed man are as follows : (1)unclean (2)uncivilized (3)unmanageable (4)uncooperative (5)unhappy (6)uncontrollable (7)unrepentant and (8)unclothe.
From Mark Chapter 5:1-20, we can see hear the power of the Lord Jesus Christ over the demons and evil spirits. Even the Legions of demon know that Jesus is the son of the Almighty God just like what was written on verse seven. Even demons are afraid of him and follow him. They are afraid to Jesus. In fact they begged not to be tortured.
From Mark chapter 5:21-24a;35-43, it shows the power and influence of Jesus to the rulers. Jairus is a synagogue ruler. Which means that he is an influential man. Though beyond his power influence he cannot heal her own daughter. He was not hesitant to plead to the Lord Jesus. On verse twenty two we can see that he even fell on his knees. This means he himself believe that Jesus is powerful and can heal his daughter. By kneeling down he confess that has power and authority over him. He has faith is the Lord Jesus.
In Mark 5:24b-34, we can see that Jesus has power over simple people, people who were not rich and people who were often neglected by our society. This shows that the Lord doesn't look at for who we are and what we have. What he sees is our heart and how much faith we have in him. This woman doesn't need to touched by Jesus for her to be healed. All she needed was to touch his clothes. And she was right. Because of her great faith she was healed. In the first place why does this woman didn't called Jesus? She can just simply shout out loud so that Jesus could notice her but she didn't. Why? If we go back to the old testament, women who were bleeding whether because of disease or because of their monthly period are considered unclean. They have to live outside the camp until the bleeding stops. Maybe at this time the woman was ashamed of her condition. That is why she didn't have the courage to come out. When she was healed, why did Jesus asked, "Who touched his clothes?" and "Who touched him?". Doesn't he knew it? He is God right? The answer is yes. He is God and he knew who touched him. By this time the woman was healed yet most probably she doesn't have peace of mind. That is the reason why Jesus asked the question. You can find his answer on verse thirty four, "Daughter , your faith has healed you. Go in peace and freed from all your suffering". Jesus Christ assured the woman that she was completely healed because of her faith.
We all know that Jesus is powerful for he is God. He can do wonderful things by his power. But one thing that we should remember is more than the supernatural power, the power that should reflect in our life is the power of Christ to change us. After the possessed man was healed, he changed. When bleeding women stops bleeding, she changed. So as Jairus, when his daughter was brought back to life.
As an application, being a Christian does not end the cycle. When Christ healed us from all our sins and transgressions it was just a start, a brand new start. We have to live a holy life. A life that is blameless. We should aim to be more like Christ. The true change is not just an outward change that is like taking off your old clothes and wearing the brand new one. True change starts from within. What we are doing is just a manifestation of the true change that happened inside out hearts. Whatever comes into our mouth and into our action it starts from our heart. Jesus true power is the power to change our hearts.

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