10 Reasons Not to Read Your Bible

I was browsing the Internet when I found this article on a blog. i want to share it to everyone for I know that this is helpful.

1. It may challenge you to leave behind a legacy with your short time on Earth.
You may be compelled to give your life to a greater cause, one that extends far beyond your pleasures or comforts.
2. It may change your assumptions about God. 
Currently, you may assume He is hacked off and disappointed in you, perhaps like someone in your own life. If you engage with the Scriptures, you may notice that this isn’t true about Him at all.
3. It may show you that you’ve mistaken religion with relationship.
You may realize the bad religion that you’ve experienced in the past is in fact very different from the Jesus in the Scriptures. You may actually encounter the Jesus in the Scriptures.
4. It may change your character. 
You may be inspired to treat people differently, to act on the behalf of those who are mistreated, downtrodden, or hated. You may act differently not because you are trying to be a better person, but because you encounter a God that loves you just the way you are.
5. You may give up trying to be perfect in life. 
As you see the redemption in store in the Bible for countless misfits and heathens, idol worshippers and killers, you may learn of the restoration in store for your life too. You may be surprised of all the jacked up people in the Bible that were used by God.
6. It may affect your relationships. 
You may begin to see people not for how they can benefit you, but instead how you can impact them. As you begin to apply what you learn in the Scriptures, you may see your relationships with others go to a whole new level of influence.
7. It may change your actions. 
You may begin to think differently, and, therefore, act differently. People around you may see a difference in you as you begin to act in ways that are contrary to what the world holds as important.
8. You may become unsettled. 
As you read stories of boldness and sacrifice through the lives of imperfect people, you may lose yourself in the stories. You may find yourself in the middle of a conversation from long ago. You may become unsettled with the life you currently live.
9. You may realize that people are still the same. 
Even though the world today is very different than in biblical times, you may find that people are very much the same as they’ve always been. You encounter people who are selfish, broken, and confused, but end up being selfless, healed, and clear about Who they belong to in life.
10. You may want to involve others. 
The Bible was written over thousands of years by dozens of different authors, all I believe inspired by God. Its unique formation can make it pretty intimidating to understand at times. As you engage with the Scriptures, you may be compelled to bring in friends, family, or others to join you in your new quest.

Article Source : ChurchLeaders.com

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