ABS-CBN Showtime - Is it the final airing?

Today’s Showtime episode was described to be “important” by hosts Anne Curtisand Vice Ganda on their twitter accounts.

Today’s episode was like an anniversary special, wherein the Showtime family thanked everyone who became part of the show; form hosts and staffs to 200+ hurados/burados to contestants and to the madlang people. It was like a tribute episode to everyone.
This important episode made the people wonder if it will be the last one. It made the avid viewers ask if they will ever see these beautiful people again, who’ve became part of our daily lives. At this aspect, it was quite confusing. The show was full of emotion and “thank yous” that it seemed like a finale. And yet, no official announcement has been released regarding the cancellation of the show.
Right after the show, in the commercial gap, the morning schedule of ABS-CBN for next week were shown. In this, no Showtime was listed. Instead, it was replaced by Kapamilya Blockbuster and the new soap, Mundo Man ay Magunaw.
Vice tweeted on his twitter account (@vicegandako) “Starring on Monday,Showtime will be Off Air.Showtime will be back on February!Sila ang papalit sa Timeslot ng HYY :)”.

Towards the end of the episode, the showtime hosts Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Vice Ganda, Karylle, Billy Crawford, Kuya Kim Atienza, Jugs Jugueta, and Teddy Corpuz became very emotional when each of them thanked each other and showtime.
Vhong was the first one to speak. He especially thanked his close friend Billy, whom he described to be very humble. He said that they’ve known each other since That’s Entertainment, and Vhong said that Billy has never changed and stayed down to earth in spite of international fame.
The resident hurado Vice Ganda was the next one to speak. He thanked everyone in Showtime for giving him a chance to be where he is right now. But, like Vhong, he gave a special thanks to someone among his co-hosts, and it was his “twin sister” Anne Curtis. Vice admitted that he left showtime, for a month, after the 1st season because of the fear of not meeting people’s expectations. But after that month, he was asked by the management to come back and he did not have any second thought for the reason that “Di ko kaya na di makita si Anne Curtis araw-araw”. This statement just described the closeness between the two.
The Showtime sweetheart Anne Curtis thanked their (her and vice) other sister, Karylle. Anne described Karylle as “perfect” even saying that “Wala akong ibang nakikitang ibang perfect dito kundi ikaw”. She also described Karylle as the “woman of wisdom” in the show. Anne, being part of “BALIWag University”, jokingly gave an advice to her friend  to not be so shy and “ilabas mo ang totoong kabaliwan mo”.
Karylle, on the other hand, thanked the father figure of Showtime, Kuya Kim. She said that being close to her own father, Kuya Kim became closest to her heart among the other hosts. She thinks highly of Kuya Kim that she set him as her standard in choosing the guy she will marry someday. “Siya and peg ko sa lalaking pakakasalan ko”, Karylle said.
Kuya Kim thanked Jugs, whom he admitted to have underestimated at first. Kuya Kim only met Jugs in the show and he was surprised to see much promise in Jugs after knowing him.
Jugs thanked his partner in the show, Teddy Corpuz. The two of them are very close friends, both on and off-cam. “Pare, walang iwanan… and 2 years down the road, di pa rin tayo nag-iwanan,” Jugs said to Teddy.
The Rocksteddy band vocalist Teddy Corpuz thanked his close friend Vhong Navarro. The singer became very emotional on his message to Vhong and was even speechless for some time. When he was able to speak again (in tears), he described Vhong as to be the kind of friend whom you can call on to and “sasagot sa tawag mo kahit madaling araw na, at magbibigay ng advice”.
The International singer Billy Crawford also thanked Vhong for being a good friend to him. “I will die, I will kill, and I will fight for you” Billy said to Vhong. He also thanked Vice Ganda and said “you are special to all of us”. This is especially hard for Billy who will leave not only his friends and the show, but also the country to return to the international music scene.
After thanking everyone, the showtime hosts humbly thanked the creator, Almighty God, in a prayer led by Anne Curtis.
The hosts ended this could-be-final episode in their longest group hug ever.
Vice tweeted on his twitter account (@vicegandako) “Starring on Monday,Showtime will be Off Air.Showtime will be back on February!Sila ang papalit sa Timeslot ng HYY :)”.

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