IbaAko.com is the old BlitheThoughts.com

It's been a very long time since the last post that I had. A lot of things happened. I was so busy for the past week. This causes me not to be able to update my blog. Where should I start then? Hmmn.. Let's start with my URL. The original domain that I had (www.Blithoughts.com) has expired this causes my blog to be down for a couple of days. Since I was busy I didn't had  chance to fix it right a way. until now.
The said domain was mine for about two years not until I left my previous company. When I left the company and the account they also took my account together withe the domain name. As much as i want to renew it, I no longer have access to the account anymore. This made me feel very sad. Thank God that I have another domain, Ibaako.com. So from now on this will be the new web address that I will be using. I still want to get my old domain however it may took a while before I could get it back :-(.
For a change I also updated my logo. The Image above is my new logo now.

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