Word of the Lourd: Slang

This video my be funny but learning English and knowing how to say or use it is a serious matter for me. What's the sense of studying this language if were not using it at all. Some may say "Mahalin mo ang sarili mong wika" and I agree to that. But it doesn't mean that you will limit yourself in learning other languages. I am working in a BPO industry where the medium of communication is English. It is very important for me and for those people who are part and want to be part of this industry to be fluent in our English communication skills. But it does not requires perfection. There's no such thing as perfect English. If there is, then what is the purpose of that if no one is able to understand you. What is important is that you know how to correct yourself and make sure that your sentences and the words that comes form your mouth are easy to understand.
I felt bad for some Filipinos who makes English as a status symbol. If they know that you are a Filipino and you are fluent in English they would thought that you are rich or worst they will tag you as "nagpapaka sosyal" or "maarte or "nag-iinarte". Specially if you pronounce the words as how it should be. I have experience it a lot of time. Well for me what's the point of studying it from elementary, high school and college if your won't say it the right way.

To make this post short let me say it this way:

If you can't pronounce the word correctly,
If you can't compose a right and understandable sentences,
If you are comfortable using it and
If you are not open for correction and learning then don't make it hard for yourself.

One thing that I remember after our training is when our English Coach said "What's sad about Filipinos is not that they don't master English or not everyone is fluent with it,but what's worst is they don't even master and not everyone is fluent with their own language.

English is not just for educated and rich people. It is for everyone. So that wherever we go anywhere in the world we can easily catch up on everything.

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