Do Not Let Your Hearts be Troubled

John 14 by edis0n001
John 14 b
In my life I always have troubles. Wether it is in work, church and personal. I get troubled whenever I think if the future. Lord, you are telling me right now not to. Instead I need to trust you. Dear Lord, you know that I love you. Help me to always follow your teaching. Help me to always trust in you. Give me heart that is fully dependent on you and only to you. You promised that you will never leave me nor forsake me. I know that it was not just a promise it's a reality that is happening and I am experiencing day by day. Everyday I always feel your love and care. Lord, whenever I get troubled with a lot of things your word is my only relief. You are my mighty rock and fortress. You are my everlasting peace. Help me to obey you everyday. Help me to be consistent in following you. Forgive me for the times that I failed and breaks your heart. I always say that I am your follower. But there are times that I still fail. I feel that there are still times that I neglect you. Forgive me dear Lord Jesus. Lord I want to be as obedient as you are. I want to obey your commands whatever the cost.

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