Time with New Officemates

Today’s shift was a bit fun and “petics mode”. Our tools are having trouble due too the updates that is going on. Because of this the last two hours of our shift was off the phone. Today is also payday that is why we had food memo and everyone is free to bring their own food on the floor. Our team decided to have Potlock. Some brought chocolate cake, shanghai, chicken and pizza. I brought ice cream for my contribution. At this time I’m still not comfortable to have bonding time with my supervisor and my tenured teammates. Thank you Lord, because they are approachable and very helpful. They really help us a lot whenever we need it. They are also very supportive.

After our shift, Ged – our resolution specialist ask us to eat out. We had pares somewhere in manila. He brought his car so we could  go to the place. Thank you Lord for this small bonding moments. Through this I have time to know my officemates and made friendship with them. Thank you for bringing good people around me. I pray that my light will continue to whenever I’m with them so they would know that I am your son and they may glorify you.

Thank you for the blessing that I have received. Thank you for my salary.

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