Halo halo While Raining

We had our fellowship today at pastors house because it rained. At 12:30 in the afternoon the rain started pouring out. I thought that our fellowship will canceled but thank God He didn’t allow it. before 3:00 pm the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy the fellowship. This month’s theme is “My Life Outside the Church”. Thank you to April Manzon for the devotion. That question were really straight to the bones. You really have to reflect on it. How are you outside the church? It’s the same question that I had reflect on yesterday. How is Edison outside the church? I profess to be a Christian but am I living as how a Christian should live? Am I the same Edison from the Edison that is inside the church? April concluded her message through this verse :

Abegail Mazon had the young people played the game “Dunk the ball”. The young people were divided into two. They fall in line and each member of the group has an assigned number. Abby – the game master will give the instruction. There were to chairs in from of the group in which they will pretend that it is the ring where they need to dunk the ball they were holding (they were just also pretending that they were holding a ball).  The twist there is that they have to wait for Abby’s signal before they can dunk the the ball. Abby may asked them to turn around, go on slow motion, jump, dance, sing or anything that she want. They have to follow her while waiting for the signal “Dunk the Ball!”. This game was really fun!

Thank you to Ate Mabel as well for the refreshing halo halo even if it rained!

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