A Mother's Kiss

A mother’s love, a mother’s kiss
I knew it once, yet now I miss
For everything I found in life
I seem to ruin, my love, my wife

A daughters laughter, fathers hand
Brothers voice, a golden band
All are past and now have fled
Yet only me I fear have bled

I have a knack it seems to me
Of losing things, like loves and keys
I’ve lost so many, family, friends
I must accept it’s me that bends

I loved them all I miss them so
Yet never failed to let them go
I blame them, yes and feel betrayed
Am somehow sure they could have stayed

Yet always then, when love has paled
It’s somehow always I that failed
I am afraid, so full of fear
My fate may be the story you hear

I heard it once when very young
Of such a man, with pride and tongue
Who drove away all those he’d known
Till are were gone, save him alone

Yet by the time, he saw his fate
To live alone, then far too late
To bring them back or find new hope
He chose his end…. with tree and rope

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 2010

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