Still a wonderful Sunday

It was raining badly the entire Sunday afternoon all through out the night. I joined our youth fellowship and it was fun. We had a chance to know more about each one out us through our "Spin the Bottle" game. Everyone participated and answered the questions with all honesty. After our fellowship Joel, Jonel and Ruther came. We had our snack at ate Mabel house. Thank God for her she cooked pancit for us since it was Joel's birthday and it was her birthday on the 31st. Joel brought 2 boxes of pizza by the way. Thank God for his generosity. We played word for word.  My tooth was aching the entire day. I decided to go home by 8:00 pm so I could report for work for my 12:00 am shift. I called work force that I'll be going on a half because of my tooth. but before I went out the door the rain started pouring very hard. I decide to stay for a few more hour and wait for the rain to stop but it didn't happen. Then I received a text message from my sister that it's flooding. I then texted my Sup and inform her that I will not be able to report for work due to flood. Thanks to Ate Mabel and Pastor Sonny in allowing to sleep over to their house because of the bad weather.  I didn't have enough sleep because of the pain that I'm experiencing but still I thank God for the wonderful Sunday that I had. Thank to everyone who made this Sunday very fun.

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