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What is the nature of a Servant.By : Ptr. Jerome David
  1. Serving EXACTS a Price
  • Service is demanding and demands sacrifices
  • Encouragement is very important (Hebrews 3:13) but we should never expect appreciation
  1. Serving is TRENUOUS
  • “Dulos” - The servant of all servants, this is the type of servant that we should be
  • Service is not extravagant, it is not sensation and glamorous but there is dignity in serving
  1. Serving never ENDS
  • The servants job is to do everything that the master has commanded
  1. Serving is REWARDING
  • Service is satisfying
  • “Humble people rejects honor” -Jewish Mishna Abbot 2:7
  1. Serving is VALUABLE
  • “Every job is a self-portrait of the one who made it” - Zag Ziglar

Are you a servant or a volunteer?

Servant obeys out of commitment while a Volunteer obeys based on availability.

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