Meeting old Folk!

One of my classmates posted something on FB about aour reunion then she ended up inviting me for a meet up with my college barkada. It was my today so I just said yes. I still don't know what convince me to join them. Maybe because what I have been through for the past month, I feel like mababaliw na ko. I need a change of environment. I need people who are fun to be with and has less drama. I want to forget at least for a short time. I want to be free from my sadness. The day of meet up is today (Tuesday) but then since it's passed 12am it's technically yesterday. I left at 5:30 pm to meet one of them to accompany me to the venue. It was held on Zandra's house in Valenzuela. since I forgot my way there I decided to ask Angie to wait for me. Well at first medyo naiilang ako since it's been a long while since I saw them and talk to them. but then I was surprise because we had a warm conversation. I missed. Ngayon lang uli ako nagkaroon ng ganong klaseng conversation. walng arte, maraming drama pero hindi ganoon kabigat and it was more matured conversation. I felt that I was younger. Our conversation was beyond my expectation. I just went there initially para mag palipas ng oras and to at least distract me. I guess iba din talaga ang nagagawa ng alcohol. Yes after a very very long time I have tasted the alcohol again. Well I'm not proud of it but I am not a shame either. It did at least helped me to feel better and to have fun and enjoy their company. I have a lot of things that I want put on this post but as usual I'm so lazy to type. I know that this is enough then to remember another unforgettable memory. It was written on my journal anyway...

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