She Can't Love Me

I'm honestly a late bloomer about this wattpad thing. I just discovered it when "Ang Diary ng Panget" Film was shown. Then I got curious about it so I signed up and ended up addicted to it. I found a lot of good stories end here I am writing my own. Writing stories is not new for me. I used to write fictional stories when I was still in high school. unfortunately because of typhoon Undoy I lost my hard copies of the stories that I have written. I haven't çreated soft copies yet for I was a stranger to computers during those times. I wish I learnd how to use computer and discover wattpad sooner so at least I could save those stories. Now I'm trying to remake them.

She Can't Love Me is not a remake though. This is an original story. I started writing this story just over a week ago. It may have some scenes that are based on real experience but I intend this to be fully FICTION. This is an ongoing story. i have struggles updating it so if you intend to read it.. please be patient.
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