How was my Valentines and Birthday Went this year?

 I don't usually go out on this day. I normally spend it at work or with my bhesty and some other very close friends.  But this year I tried something else. I went out with new set of friends. I went out with kuya and spent the night with him together with some friends that he brought. We went to SM Mall of Asia. This is my first time as well to be there during valentines day and I was surprised when I saw the crowd. It looked like Divisoria during christmas season. That's how I describe the multitude of people spending the weekend and their valentines there. I haven't had my dinner yet when I arrived.  After I waiting  for them for almost 30 mins it took us an hour before we could find a place where we can eat. Then waited 30 mins for our food. another 30 mins for our drinks and 30 mins waiting for my change after paying the bill. It may sound exaggerated but it isn't. That's exactly the interval when we had dinner at pizza hut. After the dinner they asked me to go out for a drink. We went to the sea side to go to padis but with out disappointment the place is already full. While there is still a long line of waiting Customer. We then decided to find another place. we traveled to Edsa rotonda and went on a Padis point there. There is also a long waiting list of Customers who wants to come in. We were kinda tired already so we decided to just wait there. We also waited for about an hour before we could come in. The wait time is worth it. When we get in we were able to enjoy the music and they danced. They keep on asking me to join them. I much as I want to, I just can't. Good thing is not one of them is persistent enough to convince me. We were there from 2AM upto past 5AM. It was my first time to go to a bar and drink after a very long time (5  years to be exact) . I also met new friends. I'm happy to see Mabel in flesh and Salman as well. Who were easy to get a long with.

By 12 midnight as I check my phone I received a text message from a very special girls in my life. I won't mention her name but she knows who she is. She waited 12mn just to greet me. And she indeed made it. She was the very first one who greeted me Happy Birthday. It just made my day complete.  I failed to bring our friendship to the level but she never failed in keeping our friendship. As much as I want to be detailed on what happened I'd rather to keep it for myself. in fear that I might disclose something that I should not have.

Without sleep I went to church to attend worship service then traveled to Bulacan to spend the rest of my Birthday with my family.

All in all my Valentines day and Birthday this year may not be the best but one of the happiest day of my life. I was able to be with the people I want to be with and the people that I treasure the most indeed remember me on this special day of my Life.


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