Three stages of stages of HIV:

  1. Acute HIV stage infection: develop flu-like symptoms people often described as the worst flu ever. Other symptoms are swollen glands, rash, muscle and joint pain, sore throat and headache. During this early period of infection large amount of virus are being produced by your body.
  2. Clinical Latency stage: Latency means a period where a virus is living or developing in a person without producing symptoms. This stage are sometimes called asymptomatic HIV infections or HIV stage with no developing symptoms. 
  3. AIDS: The end stage of HIV disease occurs when your immune system are badly damaged and you become vulnerable to any opportunistic infections. When you're cd4 falls below 200 you are considered progressive to AIDS And when you have also develop one or more opportunistic illnesses regardless of your cd4 counts.
"being HIV does NOT necessarily mean you have AIDS"

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