‘The Greatest Love’ by ABS-CBN, more than just a drama serye

Why you should watch this series and what made it stand out?

  1. This is not just a "kilig serye", most of the shows now a days gain ratings because of kilig factor. we Filipino's love romance themes but this shows brought more than just romance but real love.
  2. It reminds us the importance of our family. In times of sickness no one can help us more than our family.
  3. It reminds us that perfect time to show our love and out appreciation to our love ones is NOW
  4. It talks about real issues about ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE
  5. The story cover all generations from children, parents and grand parents
  6. Sylvia Sanchez, Dimples Romana, Andi Eigenmann, Arron Villlaflor, Matt Evans, and Joshua Garcia were perfecly knitted to the roles.

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