Barcelona: A Love Untold

I had a chance to watch this film via KBO.

Ely is a student who went to Barcelona to pursue his further studies in Architecture while working as  a tour guide, waiter and photographer to support himself and provide for his family back home. He then met Mia who goes to Spain to escape her personal issues not expecting that she will get into more trouble than what she already have. She was lost and almost wanting to surrender but Ely guided her help to stand up again.

A lot of issues were caught in this movies. Ely's issue with his mother who left them for a better life in Barcelona.  His struggle to get over with her dead girlfriend. Mia's trying to prove her worth to her family.

There's just too much drama. The phasing of the confrontation to kiss and make up is just to fast. There is not enough transition.

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo were both great. 

The script is also excellent.

The story is great but there's just something missing when they were put together, the story and the acting just seems didn't fit for each other.

Director Olivia Lamasan really did a great job in bringing out the best for both characters. Barcelona is just not Olivia Lamasan's best movie compared with her previous master pieces.

I find the movie to long and  confusing but because of of issues it seems that the time is still not enough.

My Verdict?

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